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Attract New Customers With Free Online Applications

No one is going to pass up something that is free. Therefore, adding a free tool or app on your website to let customers explore before they make a purchase can attract paying customers in the future. After site visitors use your free kitchen design software (for a good example of this, check out Digital Decorator), they may decide to contact your company for information about how to get that exact look in their home.

Tell Customers to Design Your Home Online Just for Fun

Enticing people to view your site by offering them the chance to use free kitchen design software can attract people who aren't even thinking about a kitchen remodel right now. However, they may have fun playing with the tool and think about your company when they are ready to have work done on their kitchen. Alternatively, those who have friends or relatives who are thinking about a kitchen remodel may pass on the link to the tool. This could then lead to those friends or relatives inquiring about service. 

Make Your Site More Interactive

At the very least, those who see your site will have a good time and enjoy the interactive feel that the tool gives it. To further increase the interactivity of the site, you can have a chat window available for anyone who wants to discuss the possibility of ordering products from your site to spruce up their kitchen. In many cases, people don't even know that they want or need something until they see it in person. 

Spread the Word By Allowing Others to Use the App

It could be a good idea to allow other site owners to embed your design app on their site in exchange for a link back to your site. This will increase visibility for the app as well as for the website. If someone looking for a new kitchen or looking for home design ideas couldn't find your site directly, they will now know where to go for more information or more tools to help with the home design process. 

Allow for Cost Comparison Within the App

Another benefit that the app could provide is an estimate for the cost of putting in a new kitchen island or installing new appliances. This allows those who use the app to comparison shop while also looking for design ideas. Since Internet users love to do everything within one site, allowing people to create a design while also allowing them to estimate the cost of the design makes your site even more appealing. 

Your site should scream to your visitors that they can design your home online with ease. Once people see how easy it is to create a design, get an estimate and get what they need to begin the project, it makes it more likely that a purchase will be made in the near future.