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B2B Awards 2015 – help us choose the categories

B2B marketing is a constantly evolving sector, and it’s vital that the B2B Awards evolves to reflect the changes in the market. With that in mind, we’re currently evaluating the categories that we offer for imminent 2015 launch, and we’d appreciate your thoughts or comments on the list below of last year’s categories. Most of these are tried and tested, but some are stronger than others, so there is always room for improvement to be more relevant and focused on what’s going on in the market. 

Here’s last year’s list: 

1. Best multichannel campaign
2. Best use of direct mail
3. Best use of live-event marketing
4. Best public relations campaign
5. Best use of creative
6. Best use of digital techniques or technologies
7. Best use of social media
8. Best use of content marketing
9. Best website
10. Best use of customer insight
11. Best use of thought leadership
12. Best limited-budget campaign
13. Most commercially successful campaign
14. Best integration of sales and marketing
15. Best channel marketing initiative
16. Best SME-targeted campaign
17. Best corporate decision maker-targeted campaign

18. Best international audience campaign

19. Best internal audience campaign
20. Best B2B brand initiative

21. Best B2B product launch campaign
22. Best B2B lead generation campaign
23. Best lead nurturing campaign

24. B2B marketer of the year

25. Marketing team of the year

26. B2B PR agency of the year

27. B2B marketing communications agency of the year
28. Campaign of the year

Is there anything missing from this list? Is there anything that you would cut? Any hot topics or key areas of activity that you would like to see on this list? Some ideas that we had are:

* Best customer engagement campaign
* Best use of account-based marketing.
* Best use of storytelling.

Please note: whilst we do have A LOT of categories, it’s still well below the number in other marketing awards programmes, and therefore we’re not looking to reduce the number of categories. It’s important that these awards reflect the full breadth of the B2B marketing world.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and feedback.