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B2B brands: who's better, who's best?

‘Best’ is such a subjective word, isn’t it? Any time the question is asked, in any set of circumstances, the response is determined by the individual’s perception, which in turn is a reflection their experiences, prejudices and perspective.

So in seeking to find the Best B2B Brand of 2010, I’m aware that we’re opening a can of worms.

Our aim is simple: to fill an obvious gap in our annual awards programme – The B2B Marketing Awards – to reflect the strength and dynamism of brands, as well as individual marketers and agencies. If they can be recognised, why shouldn’t the brands themselves? After all, they are the real stars of B2B marketing.

Our secondary aim is to give the audience a chance to vote – as this is an industry award, it should be decided by the industry. So rather than creating a specific and complex set of criteria, we’re asking marketers to nominate any brands which they think have really stood out, for whatever reason, in 2010 (click here for a list of nomination criteria). 

To get the ball rolling, I’ve made my own nominations. Of course, this list is subjective – it’s based on my own perspective, therefore I’m bound to have missed some very worthy candidates. If you think there’s someone obviously missing from here, let us know by nominating them today. I’m looking forward to your nominations. What do you think of my list of nominations? Have your say by commenting below.