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B2B Credit Pre-screening has to be Part of Your Prospect Scoring Mechanism

Credit pre-screening is not a new concept to marketing. It is a very effective way of reducing the time and effort it takes to win new business from prospects, only to have the accounts department reject them as not credit worthy.

So why do so few businesses include this process within their prospecting? With the advent of marketing platforms such as Pardot, Neolane and Aprimo it has never been easier to score prospects for their sales readiness. But still this important step is missed.   

The reason for this omission can't be down to cost; there are lots of examples out there that demonstrate the savings this step will generate for the client business. My conclusion is that the benefits of pre-screening are not understood at a department level. What I do know is my C.E.O would 'get it', tell us to stop being siloed in our thinking and do something that benefits the business as a whole. The question you need to ask yourself is do I want to be that hero?