B2B customers want brilliant content

Maddy Cooper, CEO and founding partner at Brilliant Noise, explains how to create meaningful B2B content

B2B customers are intelligent, engaged professionals looking for interesting, useful and inspirational content - so why are so few companies providing it?

When creating and commissioning content are you starting with the real needs of your customers?

Newsrooms are shifting the marketing dynamic in many consumer brands. These are teams that are empowered to provide useful, timely communications. The obsession with customer data ensures that the real needs of real customers are met - insights from a newsroom often feed deeper changes within the organisation.

Decision makers at top companies are likely to be digitally savvy, ambitious individuals. B2C marketing has embraced the digitally empowered customer - it’s time for B2B marketers to catch up. Here are some ways in which they can do that:

Invest in creating great content

Creating consistent, high quality content requires considerable investment. In addition to the creative work involved you need to invest in the operational engine. Whether your content is looked after by an individual - or made up of teams on different continents - you will achieve much more with efficient operations.

Talk about things customers care about

When creating content begin with a customer need - not a brief from the sales team. Providing useful, timely content which aligns with your common purpose (the intersection of what your brand - and customers - believe in) will build awareness, trust and engagement with your customers.

Produce content that matters enough to be shared

A great piece of content will help a customer understand a key issue in their industry, or explain their current challenge to the board. These pieces will be shared within organisations and networks - the more useful and engaging the more sharing will take place.