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The B2B landscape has changed for good

Billington Cartmell is traditionally known for its B2C work.  Big brand names and big campaigns.  But to some degree we've always run B2B campaigns for our clients, just never really shouted about it.  Well I’m excited to say we've officially launched Enterprise now.  Enterprise signifies our long term commitment to become a major player in the B2B sector.  We’re really excited to be here.  As part of our launch, we’ve developed a new ‘business buyers commitment path’ model (BCCP), which details the end to end process that business decision makers go through to purchase products and the techniques to influence decisions at every stage.  We’ll be making copies of this model available for everyone soon….we think it will be big news in B2B and change the way both you and your customers view the world.  Our skills as an agency are in fully integrated campaigns that inject big thinking, big ideas and big emotions.  The B2B landscape has changed dramatically and for good – we know this through the BCCP model – and we’re confident we’ve skills to tackle this changing business world. Emotional connection needs to be blended with rational product truths more than ever.  Combined with the maze of digital and social media options – it’s about connecting with people.  At Enterprise that’s what we do – create campaigns that connect with people.  So a big hello for us….we’re looking forward to be part of the community and making business brands matter