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B2B Lead Generation Content Tip: Charm your Readers

There’s something about blogs that could either keep us or drive us away. When that certain ‘x factor’ is missing, a reader would usually just start reading a few words then suddenly would skim over paragraphs very quickly until he decides to click on the back button just like that.

If you're relying on content to animate your B2B lead generation, this is exactly what you don’t want to happen.

What you need is to add a little ‘charm’ so your readers won't skedaddle away from your content:


1. Keep it fresh and simple

For something to be fresh it doesn’t have to be 100% unheard of; in fact, that would be too ambitious, considering the multitude of business bloggers out there. The key is to present it as intelligently as possible – use bullet points, summarize ideas, and avoid lengthy narratives.

2. Fit in, stand out

Obviously, you need to create content that’s relevant to your industry, or else your lead generation efforts would suffer. But in ‘fitting in’ you need to ‘stand out’ – yes, that sounds ironic, and the way to do that is to achieve a unique ‘take’ on the subject matter. It has to be interesting out of the box, and the presentation should be easily-absorbed, despite the familiarity of the topic.

3. Bring in guest bloggers

When guest bloggers appear on your blog, they carry with them their followers and readers. This can boost your blog's popularity by bringing in a fresh audience. Invite other bloggers who cover topics similar to yours, and plan on a post contribution. It’s a setup where both sides win – good publicity.

4. Stick to a single topic

The problem with having too much to say is that readers would have a hard time grasping your message – assuming there is one. While covering a broad range of topics sound nice in theory, blogging at the end of the day boils down to leaving a thought, which may be difficult if you don't stick to an idea throughout the content. Identify your message, and revolve around it, not from it.

5. Solve problems

In the B2B world, prospects don't loiter around business blogs just to gossip. Most of the time, they are looking for solutions to their problems, or they're snooping around for potential services they could use. While you’re not supposed to sell yourself directly, at least offer some answers to possible questions.

6. Add a pinch of some eye-candy

Nobody likes looking at a page saturated with words and figures. Make your content a bit of a feast tothe eyes by incorporating attractive but relevant photos, videos, tables, and other media.

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Originally appeared at Lead generation Call Center Blogs