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B2B Magazine front cover September 2011

There's a nice wrapper around the B2B marketing magazine this month and I sat down for a quiet lunchtime read today.  Nicely constructed to resemble a normal front page with the magazine logo in corporate green, the headline is "Brand Augmentation - experience it with us" and a Gravity Global apple image.

What a great message.  Seemed like a good new business tool for a creative agency.

The copy invites readers to download the app from the Itunes store and 'point your iPhone at this cover".  So I did.

Sad failure

The app instructs you to point your iPhone at the black marker on our business card (or the magazine cover).

What is a 'marker'?

I think they mean the black frame around their name with the apple picture.  A further description says that a globe is supposed to appear and you can point at any one of the offices and see a video about them and get in touch.

I pointed, I waited, I moved my finger across the screen.  It went pink for a bit and then back to showing the photo it was pointed at.

What a shame.

Why the campaign doesn't work

There are several reasons why this is a failed campaign.  You need to know where your dollars are being spent and how successfully they are returning enquring prospects to your agency.  And this campaign fails on several levels:

  1. The "lowest common denominator" factor was not considered.  I used to call this the "David Baker Test" [ask me why].  What about the prospect who either can't or won't take the action you request?  How to deal with her.
  2. Consider the customer who doesn't own Apple products - can she see your message?
  3. Alternative browsing methods weren't offered - iPad, iPod, web page, pdf document.  All possible alternatives.
  4. Android and BlackBerry versions not offered - an insult to those businesses who didn't choose Apple phones for their staff
  5. Wait and see..... I downloaded it but is there any follow-up or tracking to see if I also visit their site?

So although it's a great idea to use the tools of expertise you have to sell to clients in your own creative agency promotion, consider your audience and offer a solution that any person with a web browser can use to get to your company information.

You try it... Apple App Store search for Gravity Global World