B2B Marketing 3.0 – A new Marketing Trend

Do you the following term related to your b2b marketing portal?

  • Definition of B2B Marketing 2.0
  • Definition of B2B marketing 3.0. What prompted the change?
  • How many marketers are ready for B2B marketing 3.0?
  • What is the biggest barrier to making the shift, skills or tools?
  • What is the recommendation for every B2B marketer for the rest of the year?

Definition of B2B Marketing 2.0

  • B2B Marketers begin to realize that company brand awareness does not drive customer behavior anymore. Press release campaigns and traditional advertising campaigns don’t work the same way anymore.
  • Focusing on presenting market recommended solutions rather than products and services.
  • B2B Marketers like digital marketing as the most preferred approach to connect directly with buyers and customers.

Definition of B2B Marketing 3.0

  • The rise of social networking. Customers believe and focus on what the community thinks about the product and service from a company.
  • The need to provide accurate information about customer enquiry. Providing valued information that helps customers make more informed decisions and comfortably.
  • Need for b2b marketing to be revenue driven, not just developing leads and enquiries at the top of the funnel.
  • Marketers trying to make sense of their target customers and country .What are the most profitable markets/customers? Which markets should be exploited more or less?

How Many Marketers are ready for 3.0?
There are some recent research findings that how far marketers have to go before they can make the transition:

  • In a 2011 Fournier Marketing Group study, 73% of CEO’s stated that “marketers lack business credibility and are not the business growth generators they should be”.
  • At the Sirius Decisions 2011 Summit when asked if their marketing people had the right skill set to succeed only 1.1% responded with a yes.
  • A 2010 Bulldog Solutions – Frost & Sullivan Survey showed that 44% of marketing automation owners stated lack of people/skills as a limiting success factor.


What is the Biggest Barrier to Making the Shift?
There is a significant skills gap only. We don’t need yet another CRM (content resource management), email marketing or marketing automation tool set. The industry lacks a certification program for B2B marketers that address the core disciplines within marketing operations.

What are recommendations for B2B marketers on Now?
It’s not too early to create the next year plans and what marketers requirement to do achieve the success. It is extremely important that marketers review their existing programs first and prioritize those that have the greatest chance of producing results that impact the sales and business. With 9+ months left in 2012, b2b marketing portals are gearing up to close as much business as possible.

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