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B2b Marketing is all about content – so why is it such a challenge?

A recent survey by the Content Management Institute highlighted the increasing importance of content marketing in lead generation. Budget allocation in 2012 was 33% an increase of 54% on the previous year.

However, the survey also highlighted the biggest challenge; producing sufficient content. I think this concern is unfounded. The solution can be summarised in two words:

  • ·         Recycle
  • ·         Multiply


When planning any form of content the ability to recycle should be a key consideration.

  • ·         How will it be consumed e.g. video, whitepaper or webinar
  • ·         What is the reader seeking from the piece
  • ·         How do we alert our target audience to newly published content 


This fragmentation of relevant content, medium and channel, provide the marketer with a perfect opportunity to recycle the content many times over. This creates a diverse range of messages for key stakeholders within the business to deliver via chosen channels over a prescribed period.

Experience suggests that using the Recycle and Multiply method, a single piece of content can actively be promoted without duplication for a minimum of 3-months. Reposts, Likes and Retweets further extend the reach and longevity of the content. Therefore, my recommendation is do not focus on the volume of content but the multiple ways it can be recycled.