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The B2B Marketing Awards - 2010

Every award given this year recognises achievements that have been made within tumultuous operating conditions for clients and suppliers alike. For many, the past 12 months will have been a hellish ride through an economy buffeted from every corner of the globe, with organisations facing terribly hard choices affecting not just their profits but also their people. But if the worst isn’t over yet, at least we now know what it may look like.

The general consensus among the panel has been that although precariously poised, business in general is not plummeting down a precipice.  Squaring up to a fear makes it much more manageable and although the future will look different from what has been, what is certain is that there will be one. And in that future, the companies with the strongest offering, the most nimble management and the clearest point of difference will prosper.

Faced with recent economic uncertainties most brands have sought safety in convention believing it best not to rock the boat. Although this year the B2B Awards has seen more entries than in any previous year, the vast majority have been conservative in their approach to business issues. There was less waffle, most of the time, with more entries of the succinct and digestible variety. Athough a handful of entries may have been poorly authored and indigestibly assembled there was, for once, no ludicrously extravagant and distracting packaging. The sobriety of the entry templates did their job.

Major multinationals competed alongside much smaller experts in their field and when it came to evaluating commercial success it was interesting to note that neither size or a deeper pocket was a distinguisher. Many of the entries took tremendous pride in their achievements and clearly understood what it took to tackle a marketing issue with limited resources.

During these straightened times, showcasing success and smart thinking is never more important. It adds vitality and verve to an industry and proves that out there in the business world people are working cleverly to make the economic engine turn. Integrated communications was one of the single largest categories with entries reflecting a diversity of organisations that successfully combined a range of marketing specialisms.

None of the awards would have been possible without the diligence and dedication of the judges who gave up their time and professional expertise to the scrupulous evaluation of every entry. Their focus never faltered and their energy and commitment should be praised.

Take a look at all of the winners, runner ups and highly commended. They each deserve their accolade and should be proud of their achievements.