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B2B Marketing Awards 2010 – the biggest and best yet!

I am certainly biased but I thought last night’s B2B Marketing Awards was an absolutely fantastic night. And to be fair, the tweets emails and general social media buzz seems to be backing this up. It was our biggest awards yet with 700 people, which puts us up there in the big league of marketing events.

The atmosphere on the night was great – everyone seemed really up for it. Again, I know I’m biased but there always feels like there’s a greater sense of euphoria and enthusiasm at the B2B Marketing Awards than other industry bashes, because it’s a chance to celebrate some of the unsung heroes, and get some much needed recognition. It’s clearly a very valuable thing, and it makes me very proud to be able to provide it.

Personally I thought Tim Minchin was the best host we’ve ever had – very funny, very genial. A world away from Frankie Boyle! We were a bit nervous, to be honest, when we booked him, but he absolutely delivered.

Congratulations again to the winners – thanks to everyone else who participated on every level to make the night a great success: by sponsoring, entering, judging, organising…. Or just turning up and drinking. And boy was there a lot of that last night.

This certainly isn’t the most coherent or insightful blog post I’ve ever written, but in the circumstances (sizeable hangover, limited sleep) it’s the best I can manage. I’d love to hear you views, positive or negative about the awards, and feedback about what we could do different or better. I’m off to find some Nurofen.