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B2B Marketing Awards 2012 - help us choose the categories

It’s February, which means it’s time to start planning the B2B Marketing Awards 2012. It’s a long time until November, when the awards ceremony takes place, but there’s a lot that needs to happen in that period.

The first thing that we need to describe is the categories – which ones should we offer this year? Every year we constantly tweak this list, as different techniques come in and out of fashion, in order to keep it current and reflective of the activity that’s currently going on out there.

So which categories would you like to see? Below is the list of categories from last year. Is it missing anything? How could it be improved?

The only that I could see that was potentially missing was ‘best thought leadership campaign’. Is this of interest?

Your constructive thoughts and musings would be appreciated… if only to tell us that we’ve done a good job! Thanks in advance.

2011 B2B Marketing Awards categories (and prospective categories for 2012)
1 - Best integrated campaign
2 - Best use of direct mail
3 - Best marketing event
4 - Best public relations campaign
5 - Best use of social media
6 - Best use of mobile
7 - Best website
8 - Best digital campaign
9 - Best use of content
10 - Best use of creative
11 - Best use of customer insight
12 - Best B2B brand campaign
13 - Best B2B product launch campaign
14 - Best B2B lead generation campaign
15 - Best lead nurturing campaign
16 - Best channel marketing initiative
17 - Best limited-budget campaign
18 - Best internal marketing campaign
19 - Most commercially successful campaign
20 - Best international campaign
21 - B2B marketer of the year
22 - B2B PR agency of the year
23 - B2B marketing communications agency of the year

The B2B Marketing Awards will be relaunched for 2012 in April - to be kept informed about all the latest awards news, including deadlines, make sure you're registered for B2B Marketing's news emails.