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B2B Marketing Insights from The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel “The Great Gatsby”  made it into the big screen (again, after 5 previous films)  flaunting its most big-budgeted and extravagant adaptation to date, thanks to Moulin Rouge! director  Baz Luhrmann – starring Leonardo DiCaprioTobey MaguireCarey Mulligan, and Joel Edgerton.

It’s a story of a young, mysterious millionare named Jay Gatsby whose obsession with one woman urged him to maintain a elitist social status in the hopes that he could rekindle their past relationship. Gatsby is a perfect example of someone who is having internal struggles while displaying a completely different persona in public. Here’s how to sell your image just like the great Gatsby:

Find an image that suits your passion – Gatsby went from being a penniless young man to a mansion-dwelling millionaire because he thinks that this status can provide the means in getting his girl back. In B2B lead generation, you can choose from among different ways  to position yourself in the market; you can be a thought-leader, a radical innovator or simply a go-with-the-flow venture. Choose the one that you think could help you achieve your goals.

Learn how to throw a party – Gatsby makes it a habit to put together all the biggest names in the community in one grandiose party. For what? Opportunities – for business, friends, and most of all, for attracting one girl he desires the most. What kind of “party” does your business throw to attract opportunities?

Keep them talking about you – While everyone knows Gatsby by his name, not a lot of people know what he actually looks like, what he does, or where his money comes from. Yet, they go to his parties and continue to speculate on his true identity. Your business should achieve a level of deep curiosity and interest among its audience so they would always want more out of you.

Focus on your goal – at all times Gatsby has a lot of business transactions on the side, but his concern is only targeted on making an impression on one girl so he can get her back. Once you know your ultimate goal, your business will not get lost, despite all the other things that could distract you along the way.

Be patient – Gatsby made himself rich, made a lot of powerful friends, built his mansion near the girl’s place, and waited for years before he had an opportunity to make contact. Sometimes, one simple but powerful goal takes a lot of waiting and perseverance, especially in business.

Money can’t buy you love – In the end, all of Gatsby’s fortunes were not enough to accomplish his plans. Marketers should remember that gaining profit and being financially prosperous are not always the measure of success – it’s the love that you get from the people who truly matter. That, above anything else, will make your business “great”.