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B2B Marketing Through Online Meetings – Why You Should Take Note

There are two kinds of meetings that are predominant in a B2B setup, One is the familiar face-to-face meeting where one party visits the other party at their office while the other is setting up a teleconference call where the various participants connect over a phone call. It is surprising that despite offering the best of both the worlds, online meetings (or video conferencing) have not become as mainstream as the two other alternatives.


One reason is that managers continue to assume that video calls could be choppy. It is probably a case of people living in a time warp, for video conferencing has improved by leaps and bounds over the past decade. Businesses today deploy dedicated private networks for video conferencing that are extremely popular for webinars. As a B2B marketer, you could be missing out on a golden opportunity if you have not been making the most out of the video conferencing tools on offer. Here are some ways you could drastically improve your conversion rates using video conferencing.


Treating Website Visitors To A Live Demo : What do you show your prospects when they visit your website? 95% of businesses either have a canned video to show features or have a live chat feature. The first option does not cater to the prospect's specific requirements and the latter is not personal. How about offering an instant personalized live demo of your product to the customer over a video chat? Not only can the prospect get their questions answered by a real person, but can also instantly get a live demo. What's more – since they are the closest to a face-to-face meeting, you can also get all the details you need about the customer for future follow-ups.


On-Demand Tutorials & Video Tech Support: Companies in a B2B setup often have to deal with customers who may not share the same level of tech expertise as you. For such customers, support is offered in two ways – either have a support executive visit them to sort out issues, or make use of the traditional phone/email support channels. All these alternatives cause a lot of back-and-forth discussions and are not ideal. With a video-support line, businesses could offer live desktop-sharing to customers that could take them through the actual process of setting things up. With tools like ClickMeeting, you could further record these conversations so that they may either be posted on your video FAQ or shared with the individual customer for internal circulation.


Content Marketing Opportunities : If you did not know this already, content marketing is turning out to be a huge lead generation opportunity for B2B companies. According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, nearly 91% of B2B marketers use some form of content marketing for generating leads. By allocating dedicated resources for offering live demo to prospects and tutorials to customers looking for support, your business is likely to build up a huge repertoire of video content that is waiting to be utilized for marketing purposes. What's left is packaging these hours of video content into something attractive that will bring greater social visibility and a larger pool of prospects you could target.


Video conferencing is no longer a novel alternative to phone calls. The opportunities that video conferencing tools bring is immense for a B2B company. It is only limited by how creative a marketer can get in exploiting the various tools and services available at their disposal.