B2B Marketing’s blogs of the year

It’s hard to avoid best albums/blogs/films of the year lists in December. But this one is different. There’s no subjectivity or rose-tinted memories of summer. This is the list of the ten most-read blogs on B2BMarketing.net since we launched the community back in February.

And here it is: 

10: Do Disney’s penguins know more about social media than Twitter’s bluebirds?
By Stephen Mills, IDT
Can B2B marketers learn something from Disney’s cartoon-like social network?

9: We are delighted to descend into cliché
By Neil Taylor, The Writer
An element of guilt may have prompted such interest in this excellently written blog.

8: SME channel preferences revealed
By Andrew Dalglish, Circle Research
It seems plenty of you are scratching your heads trying to figure out how to tap into the sometimes elusive SME market.

7: What’s on your B2B menu?
By Stephen Mills, IDT
Inspiration can strike at any time. In this case it was as Stephen was assessing his dining options...

6: Improving your search – SEO tools that a B2B company cannot do without
By Krupa Patel, MS&L
Search is the frontline of B2B marketing these days and this guide to useful weapons should be considered your battle strategy.

5: Search update: B2B sites are not immune to Google’s update
By Joseph Volcy, Base One
Unsurprisingly, this overview of the impact caused by Google’s Farmer update proved to be a popular read.

4: STOP (thinking about Google)! It’s Hammer Time!
By Alex Aspinall, B2B Marketing
Off topic, tongue-in-cheek, and featuring two MC Hammer YouTube links; we don’t know why this blog proved such a hit.

3: Webmaster Tools, Central and Site Explorer
By Mark Barrett, Base One
Lessons on how to take control of your website, from Base One’s SEO expert...

2: Is this the way the cookie crumbles?
By Mark Barrett, Base One
Cookies caused confusion earlier this year. But Mark Barrett’s well-timed blog was able to offer a little clarity.

1: Can social media add real value to your business?
By Niklas De Besche, Meltwater Group
There was no shortage of people looking to show you how to understand and utilise social media in 2011. But the people that will have made an impact on their audience in that time will have approached it in the way De Besche did. Eschewing marketing buzzwords and clichés, this blog sought to get back to basics and provided an incredibly useful overview of the subject. And that’s probably why it was the most read blog on our site over the course of 2011.


So blogs about search and social media were most likely to grab your attention during 2011, which isn’t particularly surprising. It will be interesting to note whether these two goliaths of marketing manage to retain their position next year. Digital is clearly going to continue be a huge focus during 2012 but perhaps some of the newer kids on the blogs, such as video and mobile, will start attracting increased attention as more people begin to seek to further leverage the opportunities they present...


What do you think? Are you surprised by the list? Any favourites?

-Personally, I quite liked the MC Hammer blog.