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B2B Prospecting: Why your team needs to use Twitter Lead Generation Cards

There are many different card types - which you choose depends on what you want to achieve, from driving engagement to boosting downloads.

But if your direct aim is to capture B2B leads, Twitter Lead Generation Cards are the option you want.

Like expanded tweets on steroids, Lead Generation Cards are the bodybuilders of the social lead-gen world: they can display content, drive traffic to your site, add engagement and crucially capture prospects quickly. And best of all, these cards are free.

Using Twitter Lead Generation Cards for B2B Lead Generation

Twitter Lead Generation cards are an effective and cost-efficient method of B2B lead generation for multiple reasons:

  1. Lead Gen Cards allow you to easily and clearly share your CTA to your social audience.
  2. Prospects don’t have to leave Twitter or complete long forms to access content - Lead Gen Cards are pre-filled by Twitter, meaning leads can share information with just one click
  3. These cards are free to use - though you might later choose to promote them.

When a prospect selects your Lead Generation card in their Twitter timeline, their information (email, name and Twitter handle) is automatically completed on the card. So all they have to do is click the CTA, and their data is shared with you.

Tips for effective Lead Gen Card creation

To be successful, Twitter Lead Generation cards must be focussed. All separate parts: card image, CTA, offer description, and the tweet associated with the card must:

  1. Accurately portray the value of your offer to your target niche.
  2. Complement each other for a clear and seamless offer.


When creating your card:

  1. Include a related offer description, CTA and image.
  2. Appeal to prospect’s pain points in your description and CTA.
  3. Make sure your offer aligns with the leads you want to attract and speaks to their key challenges.
  4. Keep the message in your associated Tweet clear and focussed. Use niche relevant hashtags to attract the right audience, and think of it as a secondary CTA.
  5. Check that your title description (limited to 50 chars.) details the benefit prospects will gain by submitting their information.
  6. Make sure your image clearly highlights your offer’s value. Consider contrasting the image with the CTA button (Twitter will make this blue) to make it stand out.
  7. Create a CTA (limited to 20 chars) which clearly inspires action and highlights the offer benefit.
  8. You may want to pin a Tweet containing your LGC to the top of your Twitter profile, or promote it.

Creating the perfect B2B Twitter Lead Generation Card

Unlike other Twitter cards, Lead Generation cards do not need any additional markup as they are hosted by Twitter. So the creation process is relatively simple:

  1. In Twitter, select ‘Twitter Ads’ from your settings dropdown menu.
  2. In the top Twitter Ads bar, select ‘Creatives>Cards’. (Even though LGC’s are free, you’ll only be able to see this option if you’ve added a credit card to your account).
  3. Click ‘Create your first Lead Generation Card’.
  4. Complete the sections: add your descriptions, images, and CTA copy.
  5. Save your card, go to ‘Compose Tweet’ and create a Tweet to promote the card to your followers.
  6. Lastly, leave the delivery option as ‘standard/ send to all followers - and be sure to attach your card!
 After your campaign has been active for a while you’ll be able to download or integrate your leads with your CRM (for example MailChimp), and continue nurturing the relationship!

It’s as simple as that!

But lead generation isn’t always as easy. B2B social activity should form part of a much wider Inbound campaign. If you’re not sure of your complete marketing effectiveness, or want to streamline and focus your activity, our ebook ‘A CMO's Guide To Inbound - Help Your Marketing Team Create Focused B2B Campaigns’ contains the tips you and your team need to succeed.