Back to basics

Amid all the excitement surrounding apps, QR codes, augmented reality and other science fiction-inspired developments, we are in danger of ignoring the basics…

Apps are exciting. But if your website isn’t fully optimised for mobile browsing you shouldn’t even be thinking about the App Store or Google Market.

Similarly, if you’re spending significant sums of your budget on clever methods of driving traffic to your site but offer potential customers mediocre online experiences when they arrive, then you need to reassess your strategy.

And if customers want to transact via your site but you provide substandard methods of doing so, again, you must look at this.

This last example, particularly, represents an area where B2B brands can still steal a march on their competitors.

Ecommerce is growing rapidly, both in the consumer world and within B2B. But while smooth payment methods are becoming ever more standard in retail-based consumer sites, online payment is an area where B2B brands are lagging behind. This was one of the messages coming out of a Sage Pay-hosted e-business benchmarking report presentation I attended yesterday.

Getting digital basics right – like payment systems and mobile-optimised websites – may not be as exciting as exploring the more cutting edge opportunities out there. But in the race to achieve success in digital marketing there really is a great deal to be gained from learning to walk before you start sprinting towards the finish line.