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Battle of The Enterprise eCommerce Platforms

eCommerce has come of age, and now its its game on with many multi-nationals all panicking to secure their portion of the market before it’s too late.


However silently working away beneath the panic and PR of the big boys is a whole industry of mid-sized merchants all tirelessly working to lock up their market spot too.


And to compete for this growing market of mid-sized merchants, there is a growing amount of ‘small enterprise’ software solutions hitting the market.


But the question needs to be asked, which is best, and how do you determine the best one for the job?


Well to answer these questions we’ve reviewed the 3 leading software platforms in this market to give you the definitive answer.


Magento Enterprise


Magento Enterprise is the big brother to the Magento Community edition. Between the 2 versions Magento is the largest supply of eCommerce software in the world with 29% market share.


Magento Enterprise Features include full page caching, advanced personalisation as well as  a swag of sales boosting features.


Magento EE is positioned in the market so that it's affordable enough for any merchant with an established business to utilize. Yet still powerful enough for organisations such as Nike to use it.

Shopify Enterprise



Shopfiy Enterprise is a new ‘upgrade’ that Shopify have recently bought out to compete with the likes of Magento EE. Its designed to give users the full ‘enterprise’ power, without the hassles or development bills that are usually associated with it.


It looks like it may become a strong contender in the future, however its biggest challenge is that enterprises usually like access to their source code, where with Shopify you can’t.


Shopify ‘Enterprise’ will likely go down well with start up merchants who want to push a little harder rather than go for the traditional Shopify platform.




Demandware comes in at the top of the ‘small enterprise’ market with a hefty price tag. However for your investment you do get an extremely well build, fast and responsive framework.


It integrates extremely well with other enterprise grader software, and provides a great solution to many warehousing and POS issues that retailers might encounter.


The down side - Unless you already do multiple 7-figures online it likely will be out of your budget, in which case I’d suggest opting for Magento Enterprise.