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Be yourself on social media

Is it me, or have we all become our very own corporations on social media? I keep seeing personal accounts awash with robotic updates and littered with corporate jargon. Basically, we’re not being ourselves. And I hold my hands up; at times I’m at fault here too.

We all have personalities; social is the perfect place to show yours off. After all, people follow people for a reason.

So here’s how to let your hair down on social:

Don’t just share something – comment. Retweeting is all well and good, but adding your own views is much more likely to spark a conversation with your followers.

Don’t just share your brand’s content. If you find it useful it doesn’t matter who published it first. Sharing your competitor’s update is a sign of power, not weakness; if you can inform and engage your followers by doing it then you’d be remiss not to.

Don’t avoid debates. If you disagree with someone, say it. It can result in lively debates and more often than not other users will get involved. You might even learn something new.

Don’t just talk about work. Be fun, chat about your hobbies and share stuff that makes you smile, because it probably makes other people smile too.