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Beating the ZMOT

The recent Google report ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) highlighted the changing buying habits of both consumers and businesses and it threw-up some interesting facts, that as B2B marketers it is time we sat-up and paid attention and start to rethink how smaller businesses are now evaluating products and services.

  • 1. In the past 12-months the average number of reference sources a buyer views prior to purchase has increased by a third and now stands at 10.
  • 2. 79% access relevant information via smartphones meaning a potential sale can now be disrupted at the point of sale.
  • 3. 59% of buyers comparison shop.

So the message from Google is clear, not only is the buyer becoming more educated prior to purchase and pushing back the point of sales engagement, but that brand value is perhaps becoming less important? As marketers we need to focus on engaging earlier and more effectively with our customers and prospects through a broader range of channels.

This change in buying behaviour does add a new layer of complexity and the key to this change is data insight. Now is time to blend consumer data onto our B2B data. Doing so will give the insight required to engage earlier with your base and better understand the new buying process your customers are adopting.