Become a complete B2B business by earning customer trust

Alan Duncan, marketing director at Trustpilot, argues why B2B brands should embrace online reviews to bring confidence to buyers’ research

In the past, you’d be forgiven for thinking online reviews were exclusive to B2C. 

But not today. The B2B buying cycle has changed. The B2B buyer has changed. 

Behind every purchase decision is an individual, looking out for the option that’s most appealing to them and, in turn, their business.

To properly stand out, you need online reviews. Get them, build trust, show off your reputation, and you’ll see benefits like never before.

Help speed up the research phase

B2B services typically come with a higher cost commitment - after all a buyer could be investing a lot into buying software for an entire company, thousands of pieces of marketing material, or perhaps a vendor for an event. That’s a lot of responsibility.

A potential buyer therefore wants to know they’re doing the right thing by investing their business in you. Make the choice easier by showing that you’re the best bet.

Reviews allow buyers to see the experience of others who have gone through the buying process. Yes, a phone call to talk about what you offer is effective; but a true account from a previous buyer is impartial, honest and trusted. 

According to Forrester research, 73 per cent of B2B buyers prefer solo research than being approached by a company. Software Advice research claims that 63 per cent of buyers read reviews to help them create a shortlist.

Don’t wait around and miss out - get talking to your customers.

Improve what you offer

B2B businesses typically centre on functionality or features. Because of this, how effective your service is cannot really be assessed until a little further down the line once the functions or features are rolled out to the customer.

You want to ensure customers have a consistently good experience from the day of purchase right through to renewal possibly years later. 

Online reviews help you create a continued top customer experience. 

By collecting online reviews, a company gains the feedback they need to evaluate the status of the success rate of their user experiences.

Positive reviews help affirm that our tools and ordering process have value to our customers, while negative reviews help alert us to areas that may need attention. 

Ensure your customers hit their goals and remain loyal

Your business only grows as your customer base does. Your success is therefore dependent on your customer’s success.

Your customer service team is constantly connecting with your customers, whether through a comment on social media or through online reviews.

Taking time to engage with this feedback boosts your credibility and exposes you to new customers, new sales and retention.

Online reviews bring you closer than ever to your customers. Keep tending to your customers’ needs, listen to the feedback, and you and your customers will both be smiling. 

Boost your online presence with user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is one of the most useful types of content available for sales effectiveness.

Online reviews pair your brand with the words your customers have written about you. As you request more customers to write reviews, more content around your name will be generated.

This stream of content can boost your search engine ranking and help you earn Rich Snippet Stars in Google.

After you’ve built up a portfolio of content, start sharing customer feedback in your marketing, your email campaigns and more to show you’re the best choice out there.