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Becoming proactive in managing the customer experience

If you truly want to manage your customer experience and create best practice, then your goal for 2013 must be to become truly proactive.

The challenge to do this should not be underestimated.

However, there are number of steps you can implement to evolve your CEM program from simply capturing customer feedback to driving business–wide systemic improvements.

Step 1.

Ensure your customer feedback is combined with detailed, up to date operational information and KPIs.

This will enable you to identify correlations between operational measures such as OTIF (on time in full) and customer satisfaction.

Key to establishing the correlation is ensuring you have applied the appropriate granularity of segmentation and you have effectively developed the customer journey map.

Understanding the link between satisfaction and your operational measures will enable you to drive the right remedial actions before the issues adversely impact on customer satisfaction.

Step 2.

Build the good feedback into the heart of your program. The 2012 innovators have generated success by using the positive feedback in staff and customer communications.

Companies such as EON have embraced this ethos, successfully building the feedback into the rhythm of internal communications which has added momentum to their shift towards a customer focus.

Step 3.

Share best practice with your industry peers. Groups such as CX Leadership will continue to increase in importance offering senior customer experience professionals the opportunity to share their challenges, innovations and best practices in a mutually confidential forum.