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The Benefits of Unified Communications

In days gone by, collaboration was something of a dirty word. “Are all these face to face meetings really productive?” came the howls of management, keen to leverage the diversity of skills in their organisation but quick to remember that every second comes at a cost.

Today, the full benefits of collaboration can be more effectively and efficiently realised, saving time and money in the process. By harnessing the true power of unified communications and cloud networking, it has become more possible than ever to use collaboration to your advantage - without any of the associated problems.

Why Unify Communications?

The cloud has already brought with it immeasurable benefits to organisations, and indeed to the global economy, as people across departments, offices, cities and continents can now engage and contribute in a split second to a single piece of work or document. Tying up communications in a similar way greases the wheels of collaboration, and ensures every organisation can take advantage of this technology - regardless of the type of work you do.

Unified communications in the cloud allows for video, instant messaging, file sharing, voice messaging, and a whole host of other forms of communication, in the same forum as the work you are completing, or the files you are mutually accessing. IT and networking firm Exponential-e offers its clients the ability to combine different communication methods in the cloud, for maximize efficiency gains, When multiplied up over the size of your organisation, this can mean time saved on every task, and even improved accuracy with a reduced turnaround time from instruction to action.

Reducing Meeting Times and Costly Conversations

Nothing kills productivity quite like an unwanted phonecall, or a set meeting time that drags employees away from their desks and disrupts concentration and focus. Meetings are obviously essential, and can in themselves be productive to a degree, but for businesses who care about maximising the efficiency of their output, keeping an eye on meeting times and costs is more than just something to mention.

Whether your organisation is large or small, the benefits of unifying staff communication in the cloud mean less desk-based interruptions, and more productive online collaborations - with a much lower organisational cost than more traditional venues for sharing ideas and creativity. With unified communications the need for staff to meet face to face is removed (or at least made possible through video and voice communication technologies from within your cloud interface).

Collaborative Working Is The Future

Collaboration feels like home for millennials, and this is unlikely to change as future tech savvy generations enter the talent pool. At the same time, taking advantage of a broader range of skills and input, particularly as problems become more complex, makes sense for businesses of all sizes - even small, local businesses can draw on international talents to broaden their commercial horizons and introduce new ideas and contributions to the mix. Forget buying plane tickets and rearranging your resourcing - instead, it’s now a simple case of setting up a video or voice chat, sharing the relevant files and the job is done. Thousands saved, days/weeks or time saved, and better results. What’s not to like?

There are countless benefits that come from unifying communications and offering your employees near and far the opportunity to connect and collaborate in the cloud. As businesses race to adopt new, efficient cloud technologies, it could well be worth the minimal effort to investigate cloud communications for your organisation.