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Best Content Marketing Tools for Creating Brand Awareness

You may find yourself wasting a lot of time without producing powerful content that will elevate your brand to the next level, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up on that marketing technique. 

There is good news for all brand owners who are struggling with content creation: there are effective tools that will help them go through the process and master the art of content marketing.
Pardot - This tool will lead you towards better results by showing you how to power your sales and marketing success with smarter strategies. The concept has all features you need: simplified lead management, high-quality leads that actually work, powerful email marketing, social marketing, and much more.
Ninja Essays - The most effective marketing strategy is simple: when you cannot do something by yourself, delegate it to real professionals. At, you can hire experts who will help you complete extraordinary content that will promote your brand in the best way possible.
Litmos - Litmos is possibly the most effective learning management system available at the moment. The tool automates the entire learning process and helps you complete customized courses that will teach you how to master the techniques of content marketing.
Act-On - This is a cloud-based platform that will help you organize email and social media campaigns, manage leads, and measure performance that will guide to enhanced brand awareness. The simple drag and drop interface of Act-On will help you easily manage the entire process and include marketing and sales in the right steps.
OneSpot - This tool will drive your content marketing campaign towards better results by enabling you to build a better, bigger audience for it. By combining the power of online advertising with your content marketing techniques, you will soon notice impressive results.
Gravity - If you are trying to target a specific audience, this is the right tool to use. With the help of Gravity, you can personalize the Internet and promote media or content coverage across a great publisher network. Gravity provides effective tools for monitoring the interests and preferences of your customers.
Content BLVD - With the usage of this tool, you will be able to present your brand in front of a greater audience. You will easily find content partners you share audience with and market your brand to relevant customers who already enjoy similar products and services.
Skyword - This content marketing software will help you plan an effective strategy and create titles that will engage your target audience. You can research keywords through its engine and start producing content that will easily reach the right readers.
ISSUU - If you are into creating digital publications for increasing your brand’s awareness, then this is the perfect platform for you. ISSUU enables you to share, collect, and publish white papers, eBooks, and other types of content that will be presented to your target audience.
KnowledgeVision - This tool is equally effective for all companies, from enterprises to startups. With the help of KnowledgeVision, you can create audio and video presentations that will be available via mobile devices and web browsers. This is the best tool for producing product demos, eBooks, and webinars.

Find the right tools for your content marketing campaign!
Every brand can be made more successful through smart content marketing techniques that will make it captivating for its target audience. The 10 tools listed above will serve as the foundation of your campaign that will get better by the day. The key factor is persistence: you need to stay focused on the big picture and never give up on your goals.

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