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Biz Dev buying process: communicate your uniqueness

According to the financial services guy, there’s no way to makes sales in the financial services sector without first establishing a personal relationship with the clients, basically over coffee to start. In his mind even when people are shopping for what you have, unless you have a relationship with them they’re not doing business with you. The insurance guy felt the same way.

And it’s the same for you and me.  Few customers buy our agency marketing services without having met us and had a ‘get to know you’ discussion.  And some free advice and insight.

But at what point does the brand manager or business owner decide not to do it herself, not to give Facebook Marketing to her student son but to hire a professional?

At some point everyone who hires a money manager actively takes the steps to hire one. That becomes the only real moment when the professional can make the difference. The two gentlemen I met with this week didn’t seem to understand the role that moment plays in the decision making process.

From the seller’s perspective, what are the Golden Questions you can use to determine that intent on the part of the buyer?  How can we become memorable as the professional with whom the prospect WANTS to work and spend her budget?

As Dan concludes

The problem I had with both the insurance guy and the financial services guy were their focus on messaging. Neither of them will stick in my mind as the “guy who’s good at _______”. Do they specialize? Are they fantastic with customer service? What is their unique selling proposition?

My reply to Dan gives some insight

Dan, I totally empathise with this. I’m writing copy for an insurance website right now. Here’s the challenge – packaging these services into a customer-shaped-box that I, the prospect, can empathise with.

Hence pages called “The High Achiever”. The Sportsman, For Business Directors, For Families etc.

They all basically say the same thing – but he needs ME, the reader, to think he specialises in what I perceive I need.