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Blinded by tech?

It’s clear to see, with the advent of digital channels, marketing automation, video and cloud computing, technology is essential in assisting marketers. It can save time, money and help increase the success of marketing campaigns. This is a fact. But as we’ve seen with the launch of each new Apple technology us human beings are easily dazzled something shiny and swipey. So when I went along to the opening of Infosys Experience Centre in its London office, I was equally dazzled by the high tech centre.

Featuring multiple touch screens  I could select case studies, choose a video then fling it up to be played on a much larger screen. It was great fun. And I’m sure all the clients who come down and use the space to brainstorm and throw (or fling from screen to screen) some ideas around will also be suitably impressed. However, with my cynical hat on I’m wondering whether we are simply being blinded by technology. If an agency has embraced some cutting edge wizardry, do you believe it to be ahead of the game and assume it to have the winning innovative ideas that you’re looking for? I’m assuming the answer is probably yes, but should it be? Do we use technology because of the results we can get or because it looks good and means we are perceived to be ahead of the curve?