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Book Review: The Best Guide to Twitter You Will Ever Read

New users of Twitter have the same requirements but the difference is that, until now, no one has gone beyond the getting started stage. By writing The Tao of Twitter, Mark Schaefer has written the definitive user manual for users of Twitter in business.

Described as a book that will change “your life and business 140 characters at a time”, this is just one of those really useful, readable little books that actually help you to understand something – in this case, quite simply, how Twitter can help you do business.

The ‘Tao’ refers to the journey of discovery that the author has been through during the last couple of years, during which time his profile has grown enormously in the social media world – largely by the way that he has built relationships via Twitter. But this is not an introspective – it’s one of the best explanations around of why Twitter is a valuable business tool and not just a social media fad.

It is divided into short sections covering all the questions you need to ask about Twitter: Who is it for? What’s the best way to use it? How do you build a following? What are the secrets of Twitter influence? It promises to explain how to attract new audiences, win new customers, strengthen business relationships and open up low-cost marketing opportunities – and succeeds in doing so via a combination of carefully balanced logic and colourful real-world examples.

As a former-journalist turned marketing lecturer and consultant, Schaefer has an easy, approachable writing style that makes this book very digestible. He explains that Twitter is not a short cut to business success – it takes time and effort to build the contacts and influence that will help you towards your commercial goals – but in writing such a concise and readable guide, he has certainly reduced the time required to understand it.