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Boosting morale one sheet at a time

With a bit of inspiration and imagination (and not much money) a multifunction printer can help you add colour and creativity into your workplace. Let's look at some familiar situations.

Your team's been working hard and you want to recognise their efforts

Everyone likes to feel valued and sometimes even the smallest gestures can go a long way. For example you could create personalised certificates or have some fun with team reward charts.

It's a team member's birthday and you want to make them feel special Rather than rushing to the local shop for the same old selection of cards, create one that reflects their interests and personalities - then print the card and a special message off in-house. For example, you may have a colleague who is a keen gardener and everyone in the office has put in money to buy a few special seed packets, it will be even better if you also include a personalised card which contains messages from everyone involved. For the person who has everything, how about some customisable promises vouchers? You can also print off gift wrap (link below) and gift tags.

You want to inject a sense of fun into the office

You may not have the budget to take the team paintballing but that doesn't stop you having a laugh now and then. You could run a quiz night or a poker night (with printable Monopoly money of course)!

The office is looking a bit shabby and could do with a facelift

No-one wants to work in an uninspiring environment. So why not add a touch of colour and a bit of individuality? 3D alphabet templates and printable letters could be used to personalise desks or create wall art. Or maybe you and your colleagues could share the responsibility of finding an inspirational quote of the week.

It's Christmas and you need some party inspiration

For a start you can help create the right atmosphere with some printable decorations. For the food, try printing your own single-serve popcorn boxes (link below). They're simple to make and are guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of children and adults alike. Whether you're serving it or giving it as gifts, you can even theme your wine bottles with printable wine labels.

As you can see, there are loads of printable ideas and most of them are free. All you need is a good quality colour printer and the right sort of paper.

Tips: to get the first class image, you may want to print on high quality photo papers.


Print your own gift wrap:

3D alphabet: