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Brace yourselves – the Content Avalanche is coming

Content. Here’s a word that has come from nowhere to become a red-hot topic in B2B. Think back three years ago, pretty much the only people talking about content were journalists. Fast-forward to 2013, and it’s the world on every marketer’s lips, and one of the major focuses of the marketing department.

So why the meteoric rise to fame? Put simply, the power of search and social means buyers are in control of the information exchange, and consume what they want, when they want. This means inbound is replacing outbound – so far so simple.

What’s not so simple are the repercussions: every B2B brand has wised up and jumped onboard the content bandwagon, commissioning, producing and disseminating content as never before. The result is what we’re calling the Content Avalanche – an unprecedented flood of content threatening to swamp business buyers.

In this environment, only the best content will reach its target audience – recipients are becoming more and more selective about what they consume, and content will have to work harder and harder to cut through and have resonance. In three short years, content has gone from being a differentiator for the early adopters, to an area of intense competition, where it is becoming ever more difficult to succeed. It’s no longer enough to just be doing content marketing – you have to be doing truly excellent content marketing, and continually raising your game.

It’s this content arms race that we are seeking to address in this year’s Annual Conference – we’ve called it The Content Avalanche, to illustrate the scale of the challenge and power of the resources being focused on it. This event is designed to provide B2B marketers with new insights into how to leverage and develop content, in order to continue to enhance their output and effectiveness. And it will provide attendees the opportunity to engage and network with 200 of the leading thinkers in B2B content marketing, sharing ideas and opinions. If you’ve made content a major focus of your marketing, and are anxious to ensure it continues to deliver for your brand, this is must-attend event.