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Branding at a Corporate Event

Branding at a corporate event is all about standing out from the crowd and making your business truly memorable in the minds of those who visit you.

Your brand is of course about your logo but it should also include those aspects which make your business instantly recognisable to your audience. So use colours you already feature on your website and in your marketing materials and stationery and choose free gifts which fit naturally with your business.

Let’s look at some of these areas in more detail.

Invitations and Flyers

Even before the event you will probably send out invitations or create posters and flyers to entice people to attend. Whether this is done via email or postal mail, ensure you choose a strong design which preferably intrigues people a little so they want to find out more and come along. If the event will be themed in any way, add a taster of this theme to the invitation.

Social Media

If you have a well-defined marketing plan you are also going to be creating some buzz about your event through your social media channels. Keep this branding consistent with the offline collaterals you are creating and with the design you will use at the event itself. That way your stand or your function room will be instantly recognizable to people when they walk through the door on the day, and therefore they will feel more relaxed and open to your message.

The Stand

At the event itself you will usually have a stand or a room which you can design and decorate as you wish. It is important to include at least one table, preferably more, so you can lay out your marketing materials and where people can take notes or rest their possessions while they chat with you and learn more about your business. The easiest solution is to hire folding trestle tables so there is plenty of surface area available during the event and you can then stack everything away quickly and easily at the end.

It’s also a good idea to design a large branded banner which can be set up at the rear of your stand which makes it very clear who you are and what you offer.


A nice touch can be for your staff at the event to wear something which brands your business. This will depend on the level of smartness required but it could range from branded t-shirts, sweatshirts or hats through to a tie or scarf for more booted and suited occasions. This helps to make your employees stand out from the crowd so interested parties can easily find them and ask questions.

Marketing Materials

Always make available a wide range of marketing materials which people can walk away with. Business cards need to include your website url and contact details. You can also print brochures and flyers which include a greater level of detail.

To bring the event into the 21st century your stand attendants can go armed with iPads. These should have a branded newsletter app on them, so that people can sign up there and then to get further updates from you. Of course the iPad covers should be branded too.

Brand Everything

It might seem a step too far but it is important to include your logo on almost everything available on your stand. This should include: pens; notepads; drinking cups and napkins if you are handing out snacks; you can even fit the food to your company colours, so for example if it’s red, offer tomato based cocktails and mocktails or for blues get some attractive cupcakes baked. In fact logos can now even be incorporated into the icing and who doesn’t want their branding associated with the delicious treat of a cake.

Takeaway Gifts

Finally, have a big store of goodie bags made up ready to hand out. Obviously the bag itself should include your colours and logo as then people are advertising for you as they walk around the exhibition. The gifts themselves should reflect your business products or services if possible, but if that is hard to do at least give people things which will be useful in their everyday life back at the office. Choose items that can be used daily and distinct branding which always makes them think of you.