Breakdown of Marketing Automation Market

Marketing automation is a nascent market with a ton of momentum. This is quite obvious if you keep up with the product announcements, venture capital investments, and new customers popping up every week. There is a lot of buzz going on, but the actual market penetration is still under 10%. It is a very exciting time, and going forward, there are a lot of possibilities and factors to consider.

Software Advice decided to try their hand at navigating this evolving market. They created an interactive market map that helps you visualize how the market breaks down. While the market is still very fragmented, they were able to break it out into 5 main segments: leaders, focused contenders, adjacent entrants, CRM gorillas and new start-ups.

You can read more about how each of these segments plays into the market on their blog here. With the flurry of activity in this space, we can expect to see this map evolve over time, so be sure to keep up with Marketing Automation Software Guide as they track the progress of this exciting market.