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British brands chance to dazzle

It’s the daddy of outdoor advertising spots – and it’s up for grabs. Following Sanyo calling time on its famous Piccadilly Circus LED ad – it’ll be battle of the brands to see who bagsies the spot next. 


So who are the potential contenders? Apple, Microsoft, IBM and Google seem obvious candidates. But wouldn’t it be great if the prestigious pitch went to a brand underdog instead of the predictable heavyweights – or better still, a British brand? Of course the decision will no doubt be influenced by who is prepared to pay the biggest bucks but it would be great to see a bit more of the red, white and blue of British brands represented in one of our own capital cities. London is a cosmopolitan melting pot of business and culture (and that’s brilliant) but if one of our most iconic advertising sites doesn’t display a home grown brand, then visitors, consumers and business folk alike may as well be anywhere in the world when they walk past the neon showpiece. It’s great to be global but brand advocacy starts closer to home.