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Building the business case for marketing investment – The Evidence

We all know that marketing is under greater scrutiny than ever before. As a result, marketers have had to become better collaborators, from budget signoff to getting campaign support. Often the biggest challenge in this process is finding a common understanding with colleagues that are not professional marketers, but have strongly held opinions. They start from a completely different place and the questions they ask can be surprising; yet their signoff is vital to getting the job done. They want evidence to support decision making and marketers are accountable for providing it.

The B2B Marketing Awards have long been a valuable benchmark; shining a spotlight on best practice and the results that a measured marketing investment can deliver. Over the last few years the entries have shown clearer objectives and accountability as the awards have become more about strategy and less about creative. With more than 100 Finalists in 2012, the Awards now offer the most credible evidence base in B2B.

As a judge for the awards, I was struck by how valuable this evidence could be if used to answer stakeholder questions. They don’t care who did the best campaigns in 2012, but they are interested to know what works and why. Working with Peter Young (Chairman of the Judges) and the editorial team at B2B, we set out to find the answers.

In the spring, we will publish The Evidence; a 20,000 word special report that draws on more than 60 case studies from across the Awards to build the business case for marketing investment. We will be presenting some of the initial findings at the Awards Showcase in March and will be offering a free chapter through this blog.

We hope you find it interesting and look forward to feedback when it publishes.