Building Company Morale

Have you noticed a change in attitude among your staff?

As a business manager it is your responsibility to pay attention to your staff, their mood, and how they get along in the workplace. Employee morale can make or break a business in an instant which is why effective leaders should introduce ideas to improving morale for the sake of the business. Boosting the morale in the office doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank and spending loads of money, it simply means finding creative ways to improve the way your staff feels about what they do each day for your business.

Your Employees Should Feel Valued
No employee wants to feel as if they do not necessarily matter in the workplace. They should all be made to feel and understand that their work does serve a greater purpose. It is very easy for the purpose of an employee to get tangled up in the hectic day to day norm. Think of ways to show your staff that they matter. Some ideas might include allowing for customer/client surveys or feedback in regards to the services provided by an employee. Posting these reviews on the company website or even in the breakroom for all staff to see can make an employee feel much better about what they do for others.

Celebrate Accomplishments
It is a common practice for businesses to always be focused on what is ahead as opposed to what has been achieved. However, it is essential for employees that more businesses take the time to reflect on certain accomplishments to show appreciation for what has been done for a business. A great way to do this is by having a recognition event of some form (it can be quarterly, bi-annually or annually) which is all about the staff and what they’ve done for the company. Something as simple as a certificate could go a long way in the minds of an employee. However, employee appreciation programs also go a long way.

Have Fun
Too much work can bring down employee morale over a period of time. It is important for businesses to add a bit of fun to their routine from time to time to give a little break from all the hustle and bustle. Now of course you need to remain productive, so doing things like having departmental competitions such as who can get the most new clients in a 30 day period, or even small company gestures such as bringing in donuts once per month and allow staff to take an extra 30 minutes to mingle can go a long way.

Effective Managerial Solutions
Employees are not always looking for “incentives” to feel good about coming to work. Often the morale in a workplace can go downhill because of ineffective managerial practices. Assess your company’s managers and supervisors on the routine bases to ensure that your employees are getting the support they need while at work. Offering training, support, and guidance to managers and staff to promote positive productivity could essential be benefit the business as a whole.

The way your employees feel when they come to work each day can seriously affect workflow. With these ideas above to boost employee morale you should begin to see increasing change in the way your staff does business.