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Building Stronger B2B Customer Relationships with Social Media

Online marketing is all about building empathy and connecting over common interests, causes, and goals. It can be difficult to conceptualize this right away, so your social marketing team should pause and take a look at how other organizations succeed with social media posts. You'll notice that most effective ad campaigns create bridges between their audiences and the company. Here's how to shake up your social media campaigns to build closer allegiances with client companies.

Highlight Common Struggles

There is a certain degree of understanding that occurs when your customers are companies. Both of your organizations are probably familiar with the common struggles of office life – getting stuck on hold while using the phone, sharing a community fridge, and scooting around in office chairs. Use these familiar environments and experiences for inspiration. Inject office humor into your upcoming company ad campaigns. These images, status updates, and videos should be something your client companies can relate to.

Driving Goals

Just like your company and its clients share common struggles, you often share common goals too. Think carefully about what's important to your clients as they strive to succeed in today's economy. Consider the unique industry factors that affect their bottom line. Create succinct social media posts that help them identify the tools they need for success. Posts like infographics and whitepapers can really drive your message home. Make a clear case, showing companies how your products and services help them achieve their goals. Your company should also be able to highlight how client success is in the best interest of your organization. Your clients will be pleased to know that you're on their side.

The People behind the Company

No one enjoys bland and robotic advertising. Your company shouldn't be afraid to step outside of its comfort zone to highlight the talented employees who work behind the scenes to get  the job done. Social media posts are great for personalized storytelling.

Explore people's favorite hobbies, talk about pets, and showcase how amazing your company culture really is. These posts help client companies recognize the faces of people who help them on a regular basis.    

Social media can significantly strengthen your company's relationships with client companies. Showcase your dedication to their goals, poke fun at shared struggles, and don't be afraid to display your talented staff. Taking these steps can help companies get to know your culture better, which results in a stronger rapport.