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Business Marketing: Growing Opportunities in Today’s Economy

Beginning a new business now is different from how was just a decade ago. It used to mean renting or purchasing a building, acquiring equipment and personnel and hitting the pavement, both physically and over the phone. Today's economy is, apart from the durable goods and necessities, informational in nature. In other words, more people work outside of an office environment and are comfortable doing so. This is made necessary and facilitated by new communication channels such as high speed Internet and the smart devices we carry in our pockets or purse.

These technologies open a wide range of possibilities for those willing to understand the need for this type of connection and are able to place themselves in the middle of it. Anyone looking into starting a business knows that it is important to find a product or service needed by a large number of people. When looking into starting a lawn mowing business, you go to the residential areas. When starting a house cleaning business, look for those that use this service and market to them.

In today's economy and today’s need for information, one should look to provide services to this growing market. Since more than 50 million websites are created each year, there are more and more people going online. Those individuals and businesses needing to create or increase their presence in new communication venues have a lot of needs you can fill:

  1. Website design
  2. Writing copy for their current websites
  3. Helping to promote their published pages to interested parties
  4. Strategizing communication with customers and potential customers including social media, software and webinars to help them learn and stay in touch.
  5. Using the cloud and other web based systems that can help save money, time and frustration.
  6. Helping them incorporate all data into sharable files for clients in other countries.
  7. Information, content and email management for inbound marketing and all follow-ups.

The customer base for marketing is solid and growing. The needs are real and wanted. The technology is available and many companies can be facilitated by free or quite inexpensive web-based programs. Trying to fill all these needs at once often comes with a fairly steep learning curve. But filling in the knowledge gaps can be done these days in the comfort of your own home or office at the keyboard.

There are many mistakes that can be made when starting a new business in this often unfriendly economy and many of them will provide you with headaches. However, with the growing demand for online marketing and data management, it is a solid investment that seems to only be growing as time progresses.