Catch and keep your customers

Understanding customers and how to give them the best brand experience should be at the top of every business’s priority list. Interestingly, research by Forrester states customer experience as one of the critical factors determining brand success, yet it has been found that UK businesses are four years behind their US counterparts when it comes to delivering the best customer experience. So how can UK companies keep up?

A study by PAC, titled Holistic Customer Experience in the Digital Age, revealed that 50 per cent of companies need to do more to collaborate between different departments to provide the best customer experience possible. Marketing, e-commerce, product and web development teams have a key role to play here, and businesses should make sure they are utilising their various skillsets.

One of the first things to identify is the customer journey touchpoints and how different departments can use them to keep a dialogue running with their customers. Providing consumers with a mixture of channels to communicate with a brand – for instance, live chat, phone, emails and social media –   could increase the chance of a sale and encourage them to return in the future. Even when things go wrong (i.e. product dissatisfaction or damage), reassuring and consistent communication helps to keep customers on side. 

Different business departments should also be using company data effectively to provide memorable brand experiences. For example, user data collected from the company website, the checkout process, email marketing activity and customer feedback allows businesses to read consumers’ signals and deliver reactive and personalised responses.

Using data-led technology also means marketing teams can attempt to emulate the in-store experience. Email marketing automation enables companies to reach thousands, or even millions, of customers instantly, while keeping conversations personalised. Companies can also synchronise their email marketing platform with their ecommerce software and automate intelligent emails based on recent activity such as purchases, sign-ups, licenses interest, or browse abandonment. In sum, brands can place themselves at the forefront of the partners’ and customers’ mind by sending super-relevant content at the optimum time.

So what results will this holistic approach to customer experience bring? With fierce competition among most markets, giving customers a memorable experience with your brand will increase the chances of sale conversions and customer loyalty. Making sure you provide as many touchpoints as you can will maintain a positive customer/brand dialogue that is likely to continue beyond the initial purchase. It’s safe to say that UK business leaders will benefit from encouraging a holistic approach when it comes to making customer experience more engaging and exciting, and finally catch up with their US counterparts.