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Catch The Eye And Capture The Marketing Strategy

In business, sales are always your priority. Your staff levels, opening hours and premises are governed almost entirely by sales and the customers you bring through the doors, so sales should always be your priority. Although this may seem as though it is the natural thing to do, many businesses get lost in their outlay, trying to reform processes, when a lack of sales is the problem. Here’s how you can boost your sales merely by capturing the eye of your customers:

External Beauty Drives Foot Flow

To drive foot flow, your business has to look appealing to any potential customers. To do this, think about what draws you into shops while you’re out in the town. When browsing, it is generally interesting, innovative window dressing and signage that draws in customers. To ensure your foot flow which will in turn create sales, you must make your window displays as interesting as possible, dragging in casual browsers. For this, big, bold colours are an absolute must, and the brighter the lights you use the better. You need to ensure your store stands out, so do market research on your competitors.

Ensure Staff Give the Perfect First Impression

Your staff are the link between you and your customers and, as a result, their appearance and behaviour must be exemplary. It’s wise to get a staff uniform made to ensure that they’re all instantly noticeable to your customers and always ensure that, in their new starter training, they’re fully aware of company standards. Likewise, if you have a particular brand, enforce it upon your employees to ensure consistency.

Make the Presentation of Products a Focus

Most large scale retailers refer constantly to the point of sale (often abbreviated to POS). That’s because, if packaged and displayed correctly, you’ll be able to upsell your products here, increasing the average order value in your business. Overall, studies show that point of sale displays like the ones made by Print and Display allow the greatest opportunity for upselling. This is because, through branding and presentation of your products, you’ll make the stock look much more appealing, making customers consider taking up any offers and promotions that they otherwise wouldn’t have even considered.

So, there we have it, 3 ways that you can capture greater sales purely by catching the eyes of your customers. From catching their eye externally to ensuring they can see your staff to making sure they notice offers and promotions, there’s a wealth of options available to help you boost your sales.