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The Changing Face of B2B Data

Following the withdrawal of Decision Maker by MardevDM2 in December 2012, data specialists The Blueberry Wave have unveiled a market-leading data list which will outstrip all other competing files.

Wave-Global features a global pool of over 30 million contacts designed to offer a ground-breaking approach to support organisations in their data strategies, be it lead generation, customer profiling or data enhancement.

Using best of breed data processes, developed in-house by The Blueberry Wave, the file is constantly refreshed and its depth of data is unsurpassed in the industry.

The UK element alone boasts more than 3.85 million contactable companies, outstripping Wave-Global’s nearest rivals by far; Wave-Global in the UK contains a staggering 7.8 million contacts and 1.46 million email addresses - significantly more than competing lists can offer.

Wave-Global is already proving to be a success, with a number of blue chip organisations already benefiting from its introduction to the marketplace. 

Pamela Bath, co-owner and co-founder of The Blueberry Wave, commented: “The Blueberry Wave has been in the data business for over 14 years and we, along with our clients, were becoming increasingly frustrated at the paucity of data in the B2B space.

“We saw a gap in the market to launch something new; a product that would offer companies a richness and depth of B2B data not seen before; a product that would really support their growth strategies, driving their ability to develop deep customer insights through data matching and profiling, as well as managing their communications activities across the whole customer lifecycle from acquisition to retention and re-activation.”

Pamela continued: “Following a period of major investment and detailed planning, 2013 will be an exciting year for The Blueberry Wave, witnessing a number of new, market leading data products and service launches, of which Wave-Global is the first.

“This is an exciting development for The Blueberry Wave, its clients and the data industry as a whole. We believe the face of B2B data is changing for the better, and we are leading the way.”

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