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Clear Your Dilemma Regarding Is Web Designing Or Graphic Designing The Same?

Every business has gone online. Internet is one of the means used by business houses in order to Every business has gone online. Internet is one of the means used by business houses in order to promote the product and services.They design their own website to promote their business in which they use relevant graphics.Online promotion is one of the marketing strategies.Moreover, with the advancement in mobile phones internet has become handy.As a result of this purchasing of products online is also increasing.

Every business offers online sale and purchase service with home delivery at free cost or low cost.Thus in order to increase online transactions attractive website and graphics are to be used.However people mix graphic designing with web designing.

The following points will clear this dilemma and will give you a clear and easy understanding about the difference between web and graphic designing.Understanding the difference between these both is extremely crucial for a designer.Designing is a broad concept as it is no more confined to a paper and few colours but has expanded in terms of screen sizes and pixels.

Interactivity: This is the main difference between web and graphic designing.In web designing a company designs websites in a way that it is interactive.The customer visits the website and if he or she likes a product can purchase that online.Moreover the customer can also leave his reviews whether he is satisfied or not in the blog area of the website. He can also suggest what that particular product or service is lacking or what is extremely good about it.This helps the company to improve their product.Graphic designing is part of web designing.The website should have graphics that grabs attention of the visitor.The graphics used in the website must be relevant to product, service or business that your company carries out.Definitely you will not make use of animated graphics as it will not give a sophisticated appearance to your website until and unless you want to deliver a funky message.Use of right graphic will give a clue to the visitor what the website is all about and what the company does.

Accessibility: The best designed website is available throughout the world.However the best art of graphic design will not be accessible to the entire worldwide.

Easy updating: The best part of a website is that it can constantly be updated.However the graphics are not eternal. The same graphics can’t be used again and again.They need to be changed as they get obsolete with time.Graphics require an overall new concept in order to update them.However it becomes easy to update an existing website.

Search engines availability: Good website is available due to search engine optimization.The websites are successful as a result of the global appeal of marketing to the internet and search engines.

Medium of expression: The scope of medium of expression for a web designer is limited as he or she can express his ideas only as a website.However a graphic designer can not only make online expressions as well as make use of offline expression media like brochures, posters, business cards, billboards etc.

Work: With online expression of medium a graphic designer will use website as a tool however a web designer will control the designing as well as working of the website.Thus web designing and graphic designing goes hand in hand.