Cloudforce London 2012

Ordinarily I’d write a review of a major industry event. But this time I have decided to simply post a link to the Cloudforce review I wrote last year.

In order to gain an understanding of what yesterday’s event was like, you should read last year’s review. But keep in mind the following bullet points and caveats:

  • Attendance doubled from 2011. There were 14,000 registrants(!)
  • The event took place at the Excel Centre
  • It featured more customer case studies (though the Burberry video seemed very similar to last year’s)
  • Marc Benioff was not there
  • The main message seemed to be the same as last year's: 'become a social enterprise'... But with a bit more urgency to 'act now'.
  • I think Salesforce’s products are very good
  • I enjoyed a sunny cycle back from Docklands, not a cloud in the sky

Read last year’s review.

Did anyone else attend this year’s Cloudforce? What did you make of it?