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Collaboration, education and dedication - The Evidence 2014

It’s our mission at B2B Marketing to bring industry together to share best practice and highlight success stories. There are many ways that we seek to do this – from old-school printing of our much-loved magazine, to our fairly prolific engagement through Twitter. But all this myriad ways that we seek to do this, without doubt the most inclusive is The Evidence - both the report and the one day conference.

In order to produce both, we’re relying on expert practitioners to give up their time to provide their insight into the key trends in B2B, leveraging the huge wealth of data and case studies that we have at our disposal through the B2B Awards. The authors of this report and the speakers at the event have given up their valuable time to look in detail at the shortlisted entries into a specific category, identifying compelling trends and demonstrating how hard-won success was achieved – and more importantly, what others can learn from this. For me, this demonstrates genuine and unusual collectivism in content creation.

The conclusions of these authors and speakers, have provided us with unprecedented insights into what success looks like in B2B marketing in 2014, which are surely surely essential for B2B marketers focused on raising their game. Sadly the reality is that there are no silver bullets or magic wands here; but there are many significant examples of how to do what you do better.

The Evidence 2014 conference allows us to examine some of these conclusions in more detail, and create an additional level of dialogue around them – we’re hugely grateful these authors for taking up their time to present their findings. I hope members will take the opportunity to download the report (when its available) and to attend the conference in order discuss them in more detail.