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Commissioning Business Video Content? The 5 Golden Rules

1 – Content is still King. Make sure that the content you’re commissioning is
editorially robust and tells a good story. Thought leadership and content
marketing are better ways of getting your values across than promotional
material. The addition of humour or an emotional element will also help you gain
more views. Graphics are also great when you want to show off statistics or

2 – Dead cheap is dead bad. Quality is now expected by your audience, consumer
or customer. When commissioning video, make sure the production company that you
choose have a good reputation and top quality work on their website. And make
sure they have the right equipment. HD cameras and SLRs that film footage are
now essential.

3 – Populate your site. A series of films will gain more traction than a one-off
standalone video. But do remember to tell your audience when and what to expect
from the upcoming video content. Take The Peloton’s new series for the
insurance giant Hiscox. It’s a splendid set of case studies of tech companies
across the UK. And there’s loads of additional advice for entrepreneurs and SMEs
within the blog. Check it out:

4 – Have a distribution strategy. If you want your content seen then don’t hide
it away. Be proud of it and put it on the font page of your site. Also, make
good use of social media and get your staff to be evangelical about your video
content. If there’s value in your video, they will start sharing with their

5 – Don’t fear YouTube. It’s still the best way to host your films (although we
think that video looks better in a Vimeo player). Consider setting up your
own YouTube channel. Encourage comments, debate, likes and dislikes. And just accept that you may get criticism.