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Compete In B2B Lead Generation Better (Without Reducing Prices) In Malaysia

In any business transaction, especially where a sale is to be made, price will always be the top concern. One party does not want to pay too much, while the other group would want to earn as much profit as possible. This is where your skills in B2B lead generation and appointment setting enters the picture. You need to know how to counter price objections well. With the proliferation of cheaper imitation or versions of your products in Malaysia, you need to shore up all the potential B2B leads that you can possible get.

So, how will you compete without reducing prices? What would compel your prospects to buy from you? 

Read on and you will learn a few tricks of the marketing business:

Work on the features

While it may be true that your completion may have something cheaper, offering more features to sales leads prospects would be a very good marketing strategy. That is pretty much what Google did to make their Android program sell. With so many choices and features, a lot of people became more interested. 

Focus on the quality

 Let us face it, since when have you encountered something cheap that did not break down soon after that? That is the reality of cheaper goods, where the element of quality is not really the main concern. Now that is where you can enter the picture. Sensible people are willing to spend more if they can be sure that the items they buy last longer than the rest. Reminds me of Rolex watches and why they demand a high price (they last a really long time, and some of these watches are even passed down to their descendants). 

Provide more convenience 

To be honest, people want to have an easier life. And even if they have to spend more just to get that, then they are willing to do just that. It is also the same thing with companies. They would find less reason to reject your telemarketing call if you can show them that what you offer will actually make their business operations much easier to do. 

Put value in the relationship

Business these days is not just about making a sale. It also about keeping the connection alive. You might have to make another transaction with them at a later time. Besides, you just cannot afford to let your competition steal your customers and clients. 

Give them some strategic and marketing advantage

If you want to stay in business longer, you should make it a point to your prospects that you can give them an advantage over their own competitors and the market they wish to work with. That is how you can get their attention and, hopefully, the sales leads that you are looking for. 

In any case, these tips would put you in good stead in Malaysia. Remember, it is not about the price. Sometimes, you just have to know what really is needed by your market in order to make a sale or deal happen. Identifying those factors can make your appointment setting campaign more successful. 

This content originally appeared at B2b appointments and Telemarketing