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Content Focus: Acquiring New Business Through your Resources

You’ll have heard the highly overused term of ‘content is king’ thrown around whenever you hear people talking about marketing and SEO. Whilst the term is overused, it is now more important than ever.

Carefully crafted content cannot only help to increase your rankings within search engines, but it can also be a major player at acquiring new business. When someone lands on your website, you want them to be inspired by your content to take further action.

We have picked a few sites that do this extremely well and if you are an expert in your field you’ll be able to create your own powerful piece(s) of content.


Strictly Tables & Chairs


Planning a wedding is a difficult task, there are countless things to take into account and sometimes it can be almost impossible to come up with some inspiration, especially when you are trying to think of a theme.

Strictly Tables & Chairs identified this problem and produced an ultimate guide to wedding themes. They have outlined dozens of possible wedding themes on one comprehensive page and it can’t fail but to at least give you some food for thought.

The company sells tables, chairs and table linen. At the heart of one of their customers’ purchase decisions is finding products that fit in well with their theme. This is exactly why the power page centred on wedding themes works so well. They help you with a problem and naturally the next step is to consider purchasing items from them to start brining your wedding to life.    

The information presented is well presented and the images make it easy to skim through. Ultimately the page has been designed with the user in mind and that is why it is so successful.

The Cigar Club


The Cigar Club is one of Europe’s leading tobacco suppliers. They have identified a core problem in the industry is struggling to find a good cigar supplier, especially with so many fakes in the industry.

 To help customers find a good American supplier and improve their overall product knowledge, The Cigar Club have produced a comprehensive list of their favourite cigar sites from The States. Whether people are looking for information about certain brands or reviews, they’ll be able to find it on one of the sites listed.


The core function of the page is to inform and inspire readers. The Cigar Club gives their visitors the gift of information and as people continue to read about cigars they will naturally consider making a purchase from The Cigar Club. By creating an engaging page such as this it really helps to set the company aside from the competition.


The importance of building relationships


What can set the average piece of content aside from the truly great ones are those that not only inform readers but also generate relationships. After all, if someone has a positive affiliation with a company they are far more likely to make a purchase and continue to purchase from them in the future.

Prime examples of pages that help to build relationships are those based on reviews. London Helicopter is a leading operator of helicopter flights around the UK capital and they work with a number of bloggers to give honest and unbiased reviews of their service.

At the foundation of any relationship is trust, and by reading reviews from reputable bloggers praising the service, potential customers should instantly be filled with a level of trust and security. Reviews are informative and the readers get a true sense of what the experience is like, essentially the bloggers are doing the selling for the company.

You should now have a clearer understanding of why content is invaluable to your marketing strategy. Anyone can write a piece of content, but the well thought out pieces can be the main driving force behind engaging customers and prompting them to make a favourable purchase decision.