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Content Marketing – latest fad or here to stay?

The bandwagon is trundling...

When a new term comes along, the bandwagon follows leaving the rest of the marketing world with the quandary: To board or not to board?

The promise of untold secrets and solutions

Content marketing is a bit different because in reality it’s been around for years. Us seasoned B2B marketers know that any Call-To-Action (CTA) worth its salt trails something of value – a white paper, a report, survey findings, webinars – promising untold secrets, solutions of course in a numeric sequence of steps!

In the traditional world - all important CTAs were always an afterthought

The trouble is you would spend all your time getting the creative right: What is the single-minded proposition? Is it eye-catching enough? Big enough logo? The all important Call-To-Action was always an afterthought.


Along came email marketing, search, social media with the emphasis on customer-focused messaging in an ever-dwindling number of characters and suddenly, the CTA with a URL found itself at long last in the director’s chair...

Hey presto – Content is King Queen.

...the King died ages ago! Content is now the fuel behind every media channel – in more stunning forms than ever – video, e-books, virtual reality experiences, trailed not just by links but by QR codes and more. And while in recent years, these channels have been treated separately with article monkeys spinning content for SEO and juniors writing blog posts – quality is fast becoming the difference between success or failure.

Content marketing promises focus

High quality, compelling content acting as a central hub feeding multiple channels, whatever they may be.

So while fads pop up and disappear overnight, content marketing has evolved over years. The question is not whether it’s a fad but whether the term will get superseded by something the bandwagon trundles on...