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Content Marketing Trends in 2015

Distribution of content will play a vital role along with publication

Most businesses have already realized that the creation and publication of content are important hallmarks of a sound content marketing strategy. On the other hand, the area in which many firms are still lagging is the sphere of distribution of content. Statistics have revealed that only a meager 26% of marketing experts are actually investing in optimum content distribution, although many more are already aware of the fact that they need to join the group.

Distributing content strategically is extremely important for a business organization if it wants to create its own mark in a competitive market. Optimizing content for mobile and organic search and building relationships with the branded publications are ways in which you can effectively distribute your content.

Content marketing and social media marketing will become inseparably linked

Businesses are coming to understand the critical role that social media sites can play in the distribution of their content. Social media platforms serve as major amplifiers for all content and so using them in an effective manner can greatly help for all promotional campaigns. While social media sites have been in use for this purpose for quite some time, in the coming months we can see more companies embracing this approach.

We can actually find that both paid social media advertisements as well as organic usage of these sites are going to increase. Promotional ads and content will be posted on Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn with more frequency. Some marketers are going to use these sites not only to promote their content but also to get more leads through the content they are presenting.

Advertisements are going to be integrated with content with more frequency

In the recent years, there has been a rise in the popularity of native advertising. While the banner ads are being used mostly for brand visibility, the native ads in the forms of advertorials, branded content and sponsored content have been proven to be more effective in creating the best impression.

Advertisers are going to use ads with strategically created content instead of just being blatantly open with them. The advertisers and publishers will jointly collaborate to make sure that the paid content will enhance the overall user experience and blend seamlessly with the existing content.

Companies making optimum use of content marketing will see a sharp rise in their search engine rankings

As it had been predicted in the past, with more time content marketing will have a direct impact on the SEO results. Good content can fetch links, more number of shares and other signals that can boost site ranking. A site that has the most high quality content as well as fetches the maximum social media shares and likes will consistently enjoy the highest ranking. Moreover, the longer the content, the greater is the chance to have favorable response on social media sites. Hence even if your content is not supported directly by the social media sites, having long, in-depth content will automatically lead to better search engine rankings for your site.

Guest blogging is going to make a return as a valuable content marketing strategy

Guest blogging was earlier panned as many marketers were using this simply to build links. However, there are still several good reasons to use guest blogging as an effective marketing tool. The various benefits that guest blogging can bring a company include greater exposure, branding and extended reach.

People who are familiar with the positive aspects of guest blogging know very well that the best way to use this strategy is to distribute top notch content to various high quality publishers instead of just using it for article marketing.

There will be a significant increase in the budget used for content marketing

According to the marketing trends that are evident right now, it is safe to say that in the coming months companies will spend more on content marketing than ever before. As the companies are going to understand the benefits of having a well developed content strategy, they are going to invest more in content marketing. In fact, more money will be spend on content marketing than purely SEO pursuits which are going to change how digital marketing companies will operate.


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