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Content is NOT the only King! (Social Media and Channel Partners – excuses, excuses! Part 3)

In part one of this blog series, we established that channel partners DO do social media.  In part two, we discussed that channel partners need content. So now let’s talk about this content, and more importantly how targeting this content is just as critical as writing it.

‘Content is King’ – how many times have we heard this?  Keeping content fresh and interesting is a constant challenge and there is a plethora of documentation to support this fact. Getting it right can pay huge dividends and has revolutionised the B2B and B2C markets. We get it.

But so what? Is there really any point in sending out fantastic content if it ends up being swiftly deleted from a multitude of inboxes around the globe? Quality content has always been king but it is certainly not the only power player.

Social media today has made content much more visible and open to interpretation from a much wider audience. No news there. But what HAS changed is how far its reach has spread. So isn’t it just as crucial to have the right media in place to target the right content to the right people? Shouldn’t we also focus on who the content is really for and how we can better enable that? Content may be key but if the audience is not the slightest bit interested in it then you are on a slippery slope to one message fits all.

If you are selling though sales intermediaries (channel partners, dealers, distributors, etc.), social media content syndication tools now enable you to leverage your partners to distribute your news for you. Partners amplify your messages through their own social networks and use your ‘rich content’ to reach the people who want it, i.e. their end-users. By leveraging the trust that exists between your channel partners and their contacts, your content creates the interactions where they are required – between the buyers and your channel partners.

That said, overloading your partners with general and untargeted news can lead to a ‘laissez faire’ attitude. Instead, targeting your content via your partners and letting them deliver it to their end customers in precisely the way they want is critical. Not only will this keep your partners engaged but it will guarantee high readership of your news and drive new business opportunities for your partners.

So yes, content is and always will be King, but targeting this content is the next critical step. Considering one without the other is a missed opportunity to deliver relevant messaging and drive channel sales – nirvana for all channel marketers.

By Olivier Choron, CEO and Founder, purechannelapps.