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Convergence vs. divergence

 A few years ago I was working with a technology client who told me about the convergence of telephony, desktops and mobile so everything I could ever need would be in once device. In fact, I could even replicate my home and work desktops wherever I went. Sounded brilliant and I was a wholehearted advocate of it.

So where are we now? We have the infrastructure – mobile is delivering reasonably good content and the networks are geared towards high speed data access. The devices are developing at an incredible pace with Apple and Blackberry leading the way with Google fast approaching. What about me? Am I fully converged – simple answer, NO!

It occurred to me quite quickly that by having one device for all my emails, it can never be switched off. So even if I’m just carrying my phone to make some calls at the weekend, the fact that there’s a temptation to look at my work emails is still there. Not good for my general well being. I now have my very exciting Android based HTC with all sorts of exciting apps and access to all the info I want. My Blackberry stays switched off as much as possible but when I need it, it’s great. So I’m diverged and happy.

Whatever the predictions for technology, sometimes you just need to switch off. Out.